How do I strengthen my focus?

You would have watched documentaries on how a lion preys on wildebeest in the grasslands of Africa. The wildebeest herd may consist of several thousand wildebeest. The lion could attack the herd and then catch whichever wildebeest one it can. It does not do that. The lion’s trick is to identify one wildebeest before the attack and forget the rest.

(Photo source:

Apply the same trick while dealing with something. Concentrate on what is important and forget the rest. Try not to do a lot of things together.

Some other ways are:

  • If you have difficulty concentrating in a meeting or while you are listening, write down while you listen.

  • Give yourself rewards after you achieve your goal. Start with a small task.

  • If you have several tasks in hand, handle them in the order of decreasing importance/urgency.

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