Most Important Warnings in Life

You get up in the morning, drag yourself to your work. You come back home mentally and physically exhausted. You fume and complain. But you eat, go to sleep, get up next morning and again drag yourself to work. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month….. There is nothing wrong with the world around you. Either you have to change or your work needs to be changed.

You buy a treadmill and work on it for two hours a day for a week. And then you stop. A month passes. You look at the treadmill everyday after you return from work. You pity yourself that you are too tired and promise to start the next day. The next day never comes….. You need to get your motivation back before a scalpel or pills become the only option.

You get up in the morning and have a look at your mobile phone before you brush your teeth. You are browsing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. in your bed at night. You are on them when your mother is calling you to have dinner.

You do not want to visit your friend in the neighbourhood because you want to see what your one thousand virtual friends are commenting about your last post…. You need to return to the real world.

You keep on saying, ‘When I was your age, I did this,’ ‘When I was young, I could do that,’ ‘I did this’ and ‘I did that’….. You need to shift your focus to your goals in future.

You keep saying to yourself, ‘When I am thirty five, all my financial issues will have been resolved,’ ‘I will change my eating habits when I am thirty.’ ‘I will start losing weight when the new year begins’….. That day will never come. If you need to begin something, you have to begin it today.

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