What trivial knowledge might save your life one day?

When you travel to a place, where crime such as theft of personal belongings and money is not uncommon, it is possible that you may be confronted by a person armed with a knife or a gun demanding that you hand over your purse, watch, mobile phone, jewellery and anything valuable that you may have.

What comes to your mind when you think of such a situation? You think that you should use self-defence techniques that you have read about, watched online or may be taken lessons on.

(Image source: A wonderful place for all things Clipart)

If you hand over everything, chances are that you will be safe. The thief may hurriedly take your belongings and disappear. Resist and chances are high that the thief may use the weapon to take the belongings by injuring you.

In such places, it is even recommended that you carry some money every time you go out so that the thief does not attack you out of frustration that there is nothing that he can take.

So, no self-defence in such cases. Use it only when your life is at risk or the attacker wants to do physical harm.

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