What are some foods that look good but taste horrible?

When I arrived in Russia in 2001 to study Russian at the Moscow State University, I used to often go to the canteen (столовая, stolovaya) in the building for lunch. The stolovaya served good food. In the beginning, I tried a new dish every day.

One day, I found a brightly coloured jelly dish cut into deliciously looking pieces. I took a huge piece and kept it aside on the table to relish after I had the main course. I was eagerly looking forward to enjoying my ‘sweet dish.’

When I put a spoonful into my mouth, I did not know whether to swallow it or put it back on the plate. It was salty, tasteless and cold.

Known as Holodets (Xолодец), it is a dish in which the ingredients, mostly shredded meat, are set into a gelatin made from meat stock. I later found the English name for the dish - Aspic. However, I have not been brave enough to try it a second time. Apologies to the lovers of Holodets.

(Photo source: Blog.kp.ru)

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