Surviving in cold countries when you are from a warm country

Those shifting from warm countries to cold countries do not usually follow the local practices of dealing with the cold. This may make life difficult. But, if you learn to do what the locals do, adapting oneself to a colder climate is easier.

Here are some tips from my time spent in some cold and very cold countries:

  • Cross-ventilate your house for at least 10–15 minutes even if it gets very cold.

  • No matter how cold it gets, dress well and go for a walk outside. Even children in prams should get fresh air every day.

  • Dress according to the weather. When it gets below -20 degrees C, you cannot just manage with this:

You have to have one of these:

  • If you are a vegetarian, figure out how to get the essential nutrients. Consult a physician and take supplements if necessary.

  • Use all opportunities to get sunshine in winters. Regularly check your vitamin D levels.

  • Go on a vacation during winters to a place with plenty of sunshine.

  • Make your body sweat once a while. Go to the sauna or exercise or learn a winter sport.

Observe and follow what locals do to survive in the winters. Ask when in doubt. Do not take things for granted.

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