What has life taught me so far?

  • Life is fair. You get what you deserve. If you still haven’t got what you deserve, keep going. And you’ll see that day one day.

  • It’s not your fault if you were born or brought up in adverse circumstances. But, if this continues when you are an independent adult, no one else is responsible.

  • Money is paper. The experience that you can buy using it is real.

  • Happiness is standalone element. It’s not connected to anything. Least of all to power, wealth, fame or material objects.

  • Take care of your health. That’s one thing you can’t buy.

  • Take care of your family. It’s very unlikely that anyone else cares about you.

  • Worrying about what others think about you is a huge wastage of time. People only think about themselves.

  • Don’t pity yourself or your condition. There would be thousands ready to swap places with you.

  • There is no luckiest and no unluckiest person in the world.

  • The one who has to walk the journey of life is you. No one else can do it for you.

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