10 good thing that I did or happened to me

I learnt typing. This happened accidentally. Just before my first year under-grad exams, I fell ill and had to return home from my hostel. While recovering, I joined a typing institute nearby. I don’t remember what I studied in under-grad or post-grad but typing comes handy every day.

I learnt to cook. I always loved cooking but never had the opportunity to do so. In my first posting in Moscow, I did a lot of cooking. Knowing to cook is always helpful.

I found Bob Ross on YouTube. Bob Ross was a famous American oil landscape painter. Landscape oil painting on canvass is my favorite. Videos of Bob Ross helped me a lot in improving my skills.

I chose Russian as my Compulsory Foreign Language in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). I was sent to Moscow. I had a wonderful time in my first posting abroad.

I bought a home gym. I always found it difficult to go to a gym. After some hesitation, I bought one. It is still with me. Without it, I would have exercised much less in the last fifteen years.

I put a smart TV in front of my treadmill. Staring at the blank wall or listening to music while running on the treadmill was boring. Time flies when watching a programme I love while running on the treadmill. The treadmill would be gathering rust without the smart TV.

I planted two mango trees and one avocado tree in my present residence in Caracas. I couldn’t imagine a residence of the Ambassador of India in Caracas without a mango tree.

I finally made it to the Salto Angel falls (the world’s highest waterfall) in Venezuela last year. I had been planning the trip ever since my arrival in Venezuela nearly three years ago. It was not an easy trip but worth it.

I discovered the magic of acupressure. It keeps my sinusitis at bay.

I found Quora by chance in end-2016 . And through it, over 130k friends.

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