What really matters at the end of life?

When we are young, our mind is our biggest friend. There is no limit to our imagination. We dream and more importantly we believe that we can achieve those dreams. We want to do what we love. We have activities and goals in mind that we want to accomplish some time. We look forward to those days.

As we grow older, our eyes and ears become our friends. We see and hear the world around us and tell ourselves that what we had dreamt is impossible to achieve. We are scared to do what we love. We don’t have time to do what we had wanted to do as a young person.

And before long, we realise that we are old and have led a life, which was not what we had dreamt or imagined. We regret that we did not change the course of life when we wanted to. We did not take risks. We did not do what we value or love. Our priorities were misplaced.

So what really matters in the end is this. Have you lived a life where your satisfaction in having accomplished your dreams, love and passion outweighs your regrets on what have you have missed?

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