What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

  • Life cannot be judged on the basis of whether you have failed in an exam or got the first rank.

  • Don’t let words hurt you.

  • Those who you regard as your best friends may not appear in your life again.

  • Do not form your opinion about a person straightaway or based on what you have heard about the person. Give yourself at least six months of regular interaction with the person.

  • Do not form your opinion about a person based on what the person says but on the basis of what the person does.

  • The best persons may not be the people who hang around you and keep you happy by talking good things about you.

  • Acquire as many skills as you can – driving, swimming, playing an instrument, cooking, electrical & civil work....

  • You may long to have what you have now. So, enjoy what you have.

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