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When I joined a university in 1993 to pursue my undergrad studies, I had to live in a hostel. I felt as though I’d been tossed into an open sea since this was my first experience of staying away from home independently. I had come with the dream of cracking the Civil Services Exam and becoming a diplomat. But, I was told every day that it was an impossible task for someone studying in a university like mine.

At that time, my father was passing through the worst phase of his professional life and the financial support that I got was minimal, barely enough to scrape through. My sister, who had always been a brilliant student, did not fare well in her final graduation exam and her future was uncertain. Whichever direction I looked at, I saw darkness.

It was then, at the lowest moments in my life, that I came across ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. I devoured the book. I promised myself that no matter what happened, I’d remain positive and not let challenges of life break me. I’d often send letters to my sister, quoting from the book to keep her morale high.

In a year, my sister managed to get into a university she’d been aspiring to. And a few years later, I cleared the Civil Services Exam. The book helped me stay calm and keep persisting despite adversities.

After reading ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’, I had decided that the first book that I write would be a self help book. ‘Why Fail - Your Bestial Way to Success’ was a result of that decision. goo.gl/zoEWWT

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