The craziest thing that almost happened

About 75,000 years ago, a super-volcanic eruption known as the Toba super-eruption occurred in Sumatra, Indonesia. It was one of the largest volcanic eruptions ever. A volcanic winter set in. According to some theories, Earth’s temperature went down by several degrees for upto a thousand years. The eruption was so huge that it caused the whole of South Asia to be deposited with ash 15 centimetre high and the entire Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and South China sea was covered with a layer of ash. The Toba eruption resulted in a global ecological disaster, including destruction of vegetation along with severe drought in the tropical and monsoonal regions. The human population is believed to have come down to between 1000 to 10,000 individuals as a result of the event. If the eruption or the volcanic winter had been a little more severe, the entire human population could have been wiped out.

(Lake Toba, the crater lake formed by the super-eruption. Image source:

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