A tiny life changing daily habit

Brushing only reaches around 60% of the surface of teeth. Rest 40% can only be covered by flossing. Regular flossing has several advantages from small ones to very significant ones. Here they are:

  • Reduces plaque formation: Flossing ensures that you reach and clean the entire surface of your teeth. This reduces formation of plaque.

  • Less chances of gum disease: Plaque and tartar form on the edges of teeth. Flossing prevents their formation. The gum, too, gets massaged. Hence, lesser changes of getting a gum disease or gingivitis.

  • Reduces chances of diabetes: If the gums are infected or inflamed (periodontitis), the infection can spread to other parts of body, increasing insulin resistance.

  • Lowers risk of heart disease: Inflammation in mouth and gums (periodontitis) can lead to damaged arteries by raising the body’s inflammatory biomarkers. Regular flossing reduces chances of periodontitis. Oral bacteria could also cause blood clots by releasing toxins.

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