Memories of Moscow

Moscow is a very green city. However, it has places which are greener than usual. Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) is one such place. The Hills overlook River Moskva (Moscow) and are full of birch, oak, aspen, maple and linden trees.

When I arrived in Moscow in 2001, I lived not far from Vorobyovy Gory. In summers, during weekends, my favourite pastime was getting myself something to eat from Rostik’s (then Russian equivalent of KFC) and heading to Vorobyovy Gory. I’d sit on the velvety grass and look at life going by leisurely in front of me. A steamer would appear at one end of River Moskva. I would keep looking at the steamer slowly moving down the River till it would disappear at the other end. Young and carefree boys and girls would cycle and skate on the road between the Hills and the River. One could get a good view of Moscow across the River, too. When I’d get tired sitting, I’d lie down looking at the blue sky above, birds chirping on branches and leaves swaying slowly in the breeze.

During my second stint in Moscow, I made it a point to go to Vorobyovy Gory once a while. During nights, too, one can get a picturesque view of Moscow from the top of the Hills.

When life gets busy in Moscow, Vorobyovy Gory is a great place to unwind. It’s very much in Moscow, yet far away from the din and commotion of the city.

Photo source: Авторский журнал Виктора Борисова

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