Chemistry and IFS (Indian Foreign Service)

Chemistry has taught me that:

  • Living in a variety of places provides you abundance of opportunities to improve yourself.

  • Life in the IFS is much beyond protocol and alcohol.

  • Never reach your boiling point at work.

  • Bond well not just with your bosses but also with your peer group and subordinates.

  • Hard work + Perseverance (catalyst) = Good results (mostly)

  • Don’t let age dilute your enthusiasm.

  • Ignore the bad elements.

  • You can’t do everything on your own. Learn to work in a group.

  • Faraday’s law of IFS - The efficiency and output of a Mission/Post is directly proportional to the leadership qualities of the Head of Mission/Post.

  • If you apply too much of heat, you may be burnt the most.

  • Current status may not be an indicator of the person’s capability.

  • Sometimes a huge task may require negligible joules of energy; other times, a simple task may require infinite joules.

  • Geographical rotation for postings abroad has a good levelling effect.

  • It doesn’t matter where you are but what you do.

  • IFS provides a natural abundance of opportunities to serve the nation.

  • Wide exposure in the IFS helps you expand your personal orbit, too.

  • Nothing guarantees that you’ll only have good phases in life.

  • Quantum theory of IFS: It doesn’t take long for those in a false vacuum to tunnel to their true vacuum state.

  • If you think you’ve reached your goal when you joined the IFS, get prepared to rust.

  • You determine your solidity, not your environment.

  • The biggest constant is also a transition.

  • Uncertainty need not be always bad.

  • Don’t increase your volume, improve your argument.

  • Not all fires can be extinguished by water.

  • Your post, power, status are only your xtensive properties.

  • Your yield may not be always in proportion to your talent and input.


  • Chances that you’ll get to use in the IFS what you learnt in hardcore Chemistry is (absolute) zero.

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